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A project-based financial assessment of a range of operational models available for a specific asset (including, but not limited to, owned & operated, external operator contract, summer months).

Identification and financial assessment of applicable models 


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membership value proposition

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Third-party execution

to safeguard protection and quality

Regular improvements

to ensure reporting meets needs

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Range of operational models
(owned & operated, external operator contract, summer months operation, etc.)
Detailed breakdown of revenue streams and operational costs
Rent assessment and further considerations for the client

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Case study

Partnering for Success: Education-led Engagement Between Australia and Vietnam

This project outlined 5 specific partnership avenues between Australia and Vietnam based on existing practice, emerging trends and the most recent assessment of local market needs and preferences. The resulting approach to achieving increased engagement was informed by a wide range of stakeholders, comprising English language schools in Vietnam, ELICOS colleges in Australia, representatives of both governments, accreditation bodies and market insiders. Altogether, 115 organisations contributed to this research

4,700 students

90% satisfaction rate

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