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International education is a significant revenue generator and export item. We conduct economic impact studies that quantify the value of international students to destinations, cities and local communities and assist policymakers in optimising their support activities and regulatory frameworks in order to further increase the value the sector generates to the local economy.

In addition, our research uncovers how travel enriches the social fabrics of places students and young people visit or study in, while having an ever-lasting positive impact on the lives of students themselves.

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Case study

Economic Impact of Covid-19 on the ELICOS Sector in Australia


2020 & 2021


English Australia


This study quantified the Covid- 19 pandemic’s direct and future impacts on the international education export industry in Australia, covering all ELICOS students regardless of visa type. A broader economic impact calculation was opted for, to factor in knock-on effect on students for whom ELICOS is a gateway to continued academic studies in Australia.

The results showed that the immediate losses will extend into other areas of Australia’s international education industry, including higher education and VET.

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