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We have delivered over 20 fam tours (mostly for destinations and sector associations) in all major study destinations/regions worldwide, such as Australia, Europe, and North America. Fam Tours are highly popular among schools and agents and are a proven collective marketing tool for the education sector. A Fam Tour is a great way to guide your partners through your campuses and stimulate their interest in your programmes/degrees.

Our Fam Tour typically lasts up to 5 days and includes visits to multiple schools/campuses per day, with 12-15 pre-selected agents (owners and/or decision makers only).

Participating schools/campuses (usually associated with the government-led cohort, destination organisation or sector association) coupled with our expertise and on-site support, open their premises and let attending agents familiarise themselves with their tuition process, student well-being, accommodation, daily programme, etc.

We offer bespoke Fam Tour organisation and support, starting with comprehensive agent recruitment, complex travel & accommodation arrangements, and distant, as well as on-site, support.

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