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We are a leading provider of trade mission services for the international education sector. So far, we have delivered over 50 trade missions (mostly for destinations and sector associations) in all major source markets/regions worldwide, such as, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Latin America.

Trade missions are highly popular among schools and agents and are a proven collective marketing tool for education sector. Based on years of experience, both schools and agents tell us that trade missions offer a hassle-free and time-efficient meeting opportunity. Trade missions typically last up to 5 days and include visits to 2-3 cities, with 15-20 pre-selected agents per city/region/country (total 60 agents).

Groups of 10-15 schools, usually associated with the government-led cohort, destination organisation or sector association, attend these 1:1 meetings, with full support from Bonard throughout all stages (agent recruitment, fundraising support, travel & accommodation arrangements, on-site support). Trade missions under our management are also supported by embassy officials that allow for quicker immersion of schools into the local source market, as well as provide the necessary platform for discussion of schools’ commercial needs and their long-term support in the market.

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Agent recruitment
Our analysts cherry-pick quality agents based on your criteria. Agents are pre-screened and interested in a destination & sector.
Professional pre-event management
Agent invitations and communication.
Communication with a destination/association and their members. Communication with suppliers (venue, transportation, accommodation, etc.).
Professional on-site management
Pre-scheduled 1:1 meetings. Pre-organised venue. Pre-organised daily programme, incl. catering. Full-day support.
Full daily programme
Complete event management. 5-star event venues. Presentations by embassy officials. Briefing dinner. Networking cocktail reception
Trade mission catalogue
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CAPS-I: Colombia







4,700 students

90% satisfaction rate

Thanks to long-term industry experience, market knowledge and intelligence and professional and result-driven staff, we are more time- and cost-efficient than our clients could be.


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