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Virtual Executive Events

BONARD’s exclusive Virtual Executive Events bring together a group of institutions (usually associated with government-led cohort, destination organisation or sector association) and well-matched quality partners from target source markets to forge strategic partnerships, gain access to premium content, stay abreast of latest industry developments and emerging trends, and continue to grow in the new normal.

Our events are bespoke and tailored to the needs of each individual client, with full support from BONARD’s team of Cvent-certified event managers and digital marketers in all stages (planning, selection of partners, recruitment, complete virtual event management and post-event follow-up). We know from our years of experience communicating with schools, agencies and stakeholders that bespoke recruitment and networking events offer a cost-effective and hassle-free partnership-building opportunity and collective marketing tool of proven worth for the international education sector.

Typically, Virtual Executive Events take place in half-day sessions across one or two days per source market and include market intelligence webinars given by government officials and industry experts, and pre-scheduled business appointments with up to 20 pre-selected agencies/stakeholders per city/country/region.

Virtual Executive Events under our management are also supported by Embassy/Consulate officials, facilitating rapid immersion in the local source market and the necessary platform to discuss schools’ commercial needs and long-term support in the market.

Who is this service for?
Governments • Associations • Education Providers • Suppliers


What can you expect?


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Key features

What are you getting?

Learn how your customers perceive you
in terms of product, service and branding
Identify possible shortcomings
that can negatively impact future occupancy rate
Higher-quality data
gathered via an independent third-party
Showcase your customer satisfaction ratio
within your marketing collateral

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4,700 students

90% satisfaction rate

Thanks to long-term industry experience, market knowledge and intelligence and professional and result-driven staff, we are more time- and cost-efficient than our clients could be.


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